Pink and Purple Parties

The Canadian Cancer Society knows that you care about your health and the health of the men in your life. Throwing a Pink and Purple Party is a great way to get your friends or colleagues together to raise awareness about women’s AND men’s health. Pink and Purple Parties are similar to other home parties, except that nothing is being sold. We’ve added an educational component to something that is already fun!

Your Pink and Purple Party could be held over lunch with the women at your office, as part of a potluck at your home (Pink & Purple Potluck) or with a group of your girlfriends on a Saturday night. Be creative…let’s get people talking!

Once you have picked a date for your party and invited your guests (less than 20 is ideal, the maximum is 25) please contact the Canadian Cancer Society and ask for your free Pink & Purple Party Kit*. Your kit includes everything you need:

  • Breast Trivia Game (the ultimate conversation starter)
  • Cervical Cancer Quiz and brochure
  • "10 Things A Guy Ought To Know About His Testicles" brochure 
  • Prostate cancer quiz and brochure
  • 3 “Thingamaboobs” and 3 penlights (ThingamaBOBs)
  • Early detection and screening pamphlets and shower cards
  • Pink- and purple-themed decorating, food and drink ideas

For more information on Pink and Purple Parties, call 1 800-455-9090 or e-mail:

Prefer to Just Have a Pink Party...without the Purple?

The Pink component of a Pink and Purple Party is about cancers unique to women (breast and cervical) and the Purple component is about cancers unique to men (prostate and testicular).  If you'd like to just have a Pink Party, let us know when you request your kit and we'll send you everything above, minus the prostate and testicular cancer quizzes and information.

* Kits are available to New Brunswick residents only.

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